Wellington Music Feed

Submit your feed!

Are you a band or a venue in Wellington? If you keep a blog, myspace, twitter, youtube, flickr or any other online web account, you can email your feeds or profile name to wellingtonmusicfeed@gmail.com

Accepted feeds
Feeds and accounts should be the official feeds/blogs/accounts for the band, and only that band. This is to help keep every post clear for people signed up to WMF. For instance, band members' individual Twitter or Youtube accounts cannot be accepted, and blogs/Youtube accounts for agencies and promotional groups representing bands are also unsuitable.

Don't have any feeds? Why not start one?
Of course, there's no button on the internet that says "I'd like one feed please, thanks".  They're what connects people to the content you put on the web: blogs, news, pictures, video.  Below are some suggestions for getting started and making the most of the web.  Remember that the more you post, the more people will think you're active and worth following!
  • Blogs - an easy start is to use your Myspace blog - every Myspace account comes with a blog attached and they're read by people on and off Myspace, so it's well worth posting here.  There are dozens of other dedicated blogging sites such as Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr etc. which are good places for having an "official" blog site.
  • Videos - sites like Youtube and Vimeo let you post videos and can be more efffective than blogs.  Post clips of recent gigs, rehearsing at the studio, or just mucking around - people will watch anything, especially if it's funny.  Also sites like Ustream allow you to broadcast video live on the internet - venues, why not install a webcam and let the world watch your gigs?
  • Twitter - overrated? Maybe. But it's a simple and effective way of connecting directly with fans and for letting people know what you're doing.  Combined with Twitpic or Yfrog, take photos on your phone and show people instantly what's going on.
  • Photos - as well as Twitpic & Yfrog, sites like Flickr let you upload larger high-quality photos and arrange them in albums and collections.